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Author Topic: Cox Cable problem - Voltage on cable line?
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  Posted: 06. June 2018 15:50    Quote    PM   Mail  

Backstory: Moved into this house about a year ago. At that time, the Cox installer noticed voltage on the cable line while hooking up my modem. He said that we would be having problems maintaining connection because the voltage would build up on the modem until it reset, dissapating the voltage. Rinse, repeat. However, we have had not connectivity problems to speak of until...
We converted our service to Cox Business for IP addresses, web server, etc. I lose connectivity every couple of days and after many calls to Cox, they finally sent someone out yesterday. Immediately, they noticed the voltage problem. Although they did not directly blame this as the problem, they too said it would need to be fixed before we would be able to maintain a consistent connection. I pointed out that it had not been a problem blah blah. They redid the drop from the pole to the house in order to boost the signal strength. Now comes my question:
How is my cabling attached to any electrical system in the house? Why? How can the voltage be eliminated from my cabling?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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